Design Process

The Education Customs Team create beautiful australian made accessories for Schools and Clubs with affordable accessories to match any uniform or dress code. With modern, classic and custom designs at reasonable prices.

We are your best choice, Let me tell you why....

At Duran & Co we give generously to many schools and clubs each term, and make it as easy as possible for them to make the most money to help fund their projects.

Our handmade products are manufactured in bulk, and if you choose the ECTeam you can feel confident knowing we can fill your orders when you need them.

We employ local parents & caregivers to bring our creations to life, an help us deliver your orders fast,  with the love and care that comes from a parent/caregiver.

We proudly hold the largest range of in-stock colours and styles, which means we have and can create the accessory creation you need in any colour, and for every occasion.

To support our Fundraisers we supply:  
- Marketing Materials (graphics, social media posts, newsletter copy, Order Forms, and much more.These resources are FREE and perfectly suited to School P&Cs, and Clubs.
PROVIDE YOUR LOGO and we will create a custom collection on our website that's JUST

for You.  You can have your collection edited at anytime for any upcoming event including senior collections to match senior jerseys.

At the end of term/financial year (or which ever suits) we tally the sales with your collection and send back 20%-30%! Anyone who visits our website can access your collection.

Every sale from your collection can help, maximising your turn around to its full potential.



Fundraising your way...

Education Customs team will happily supply your school or club with quality accessories to match any uniform or dress code. you can run your Fundraiser how you like. Either short term or all year round, its up to you. You can stock them in your uniform shop,tuck shop/Canteen,office or directly through our website with your entity title and Custom Collection, helping you keep your foot traffic low. All your selected products arrive ready for sale, with price list, printable order forms and FREE delivery on orders over $150. FREE Sample Board to hang. (complete with samples of your selection) terms and conditions apply, Email us today to find out how you can earn your School, or club 20%